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There's a major difference between lab-grown and synthetic diamonds:

Learn the truth about what's real.

"Synthetic Diamonds" — That's the Word the Diamond Cartel Advocates

The advent of aboveground diamond means it's finally possible to own diamonds with one hundred percent certainty that there's no blood on your hands.

These diamonds offer an honest new choice. There's no murky origin, no environments and social exploitation, no convoluted supply chain of middlemen.

Produced entirely in the United States with zero carbon foot-print, they're 100% real diamond down to the very atom, with none of the ethical nightmares.

In response, the cartel is amping up its marketing influence using a large budget and a network of associates including even GIA, a long partner of De Beers.

Part of this is to call aboveground diamonds "synthetics", knowing that "synthetic diamonds" don't ring "real". The agenda is to denigrate real manmade diamonds as "non-real".

Don't fall for it. There's an agenda behind the phrase "synthetic diamonds" that involves a history of monopoly power abuse, unfair labor, and blood conflict.

De Beers is a lot of things, but dumb isn't one of them. Educated people are even smarter though! Thanks for reading our page.