So you found the right girl and are planning the perfect proposal to promise your eternal commitment to her. As a token of your one-of-a-kind love, you are opting for a custom engagement ring to sweep her off her feet. Well, firstly congratulations and kudos to you for your excellent choice! Not only is a custom engagement ring a symbol of your unique love, but it's also a testament to your attention to details.

However, designing a custom engagement ring for your girlfriend can be challenging, and it's probably your first exposure to the world of jewelry. We have already covered all you need to know about selecting the perfect diamond, and in another post, we shared a comprehensive guide on how to choose the other components of an engagement ring, such as setting, metal, size etc. If you haven't already, make sure to read those posts before you get to the design customization of your ring. While you're at it, check out top five engagement trends of 2018 for some inspiration! 

So now let's get to it! The first step to customizing an ideal engagement ring is to refine your design choices. The best way to do this is to think about your partner’s distinct personality and style, especially if you want to keep the proposal a surprise. You can answer questions like: What are her interests? What is her prominent style? What’s her personality like? Is she bold & adventurous or quirky & unconventional?

Depending on her personality and style, she might want something modern & sleek or elaborate & diamond-studded. With our 3D Design Studio, the options are endless. You can customize and get the exact engagement ring that matches your girlfriend’s lifestyle and unique taste and get it handcrafted by our artisan jewelers.

Here are four engagement ring styles based on four different types of personality and lifestyles.


Bold and Outgoing

The bold woman who knows what she wants, and is ambitious enough to get it. If you’re thinking of getting an engagement ring for your girlfriend with this personality type, then you probably already have an idea of the style that she prefers. But you have to keep in mind that this fierce woman wants a ring as brilliant as her. The halo ring is an ideal choice since it makes the center diamond look even more prominent and more sparkly. For those who are risk-takers the halo oval, emerald, or cushion are excellent diamond cut options to make the ring stand out more.


Classic and Sophisticated

Iconic designs and timeless styles are recommended for the sophisticated woman who wants to love her engagement ring for a lifetime. Trends might come and go, but classics are here to stay! Defined by simplicity and sophistication, the round cut with a white gold pave setting is the perfect ring to compliment her elegant style. The minimalism of the solitaire and the added sparkle of the pave are indeed the ingredients of the world’s most iconic symbol of love. Also, a bigger diamond with a high color and clarity grade is the right match for the woman with an elegant taste.


Adventurous and Outdoorsy

If you're picking a ring for a woman who leads an active lifestyle, focusing on functionality over style is what we recommend. Although diamonds are known to be incredibly solid, they still can suffer from wear and tear. Going for a sturdy setting such as the Bezel would better protect the diamond. For the metal, opting for platinum would be a more durable option than gold. As for the diamond cut, those with no sharp edges is recommended to avoid unwanted chips and breaks.


Quirky and Unconventional

A rose gold setting with a fancy cut diamond, such as an emerald, is what an unconventional woman cannot say “no” to. Wonderfully one-of-a-kind and yet simple, the emerald engagement ring is one of the most unique diamond cuts with a vintage overtone. With vertical Emerald settings, the fingers will look elongated and slender with 5% more surface area than the Round cut. Rings with Emerald diamonds also look bigger!

Customize your ideal engagement ring with our 3D Design Studio.