We believe that values matter because purchases we make as consumers affect our planet and influence its future. Whether it’s an electric car, locally grown produce, or sustainable jewelry, we can make choices that reflect our values.

Recent developments have made it possible to purchase sustainable diamonds that eliminate the negative social and environmental impacts of traditional mined diamonds. When you pass down a precious heirloom to the next generation, you can also pass down an ethical, clean and ecologically diverse planet.

Negative Environmental Impact

Traditional diamond mining strips the earth’s delicate landscape, creates irreversible ecological damage, and burns hundreds of millions of gallons of diesel fuel per mine per year. The most common form of diamond mining is pit mining, which extracts stones directly from a pit in the earth. With  heavy machinery, hydraulic shovels, and trucks, pit mining takes a tremendous amount of energy. 

Even the most eco friendly diamond mines are environmentally damaging because diamonds aren’t a renewable resources. For example, the Ekati mines in Canada are often cited as the most environmentally benign of all mines. However, in order to extract its diamonds, the mine produces an annual carbon footprint equivalent to more than 600 million car miles.

The Problem with Conflict Free

Twelve years ago, the diamond industry established the much-celebrated Kimberley Process, an international diamond certification system. The Kimberley Process was supposed to prevent “blood diamonds” (i.e. mined diamonds sold to fund rebel militias) from entering Western diamond markets. However, since the Kimberley Process doesn’t guard against workers rights abuses or unsafe mining conditions, many so-called conflict free diamonds are less than ethical. Moreover, since it’s difficult to track mined diamonds to their source, the Kimberley Process may not even accomplish its own limited objective. Masking the origin of a blood diamond and passing it off as a certified diamond is often as easy as bribing the right official. 

Our Diamonds

With Diamond Foundry, it’s possible to purchase sustainable diamonds with a zero net carbon footprint and no negative social impacts. All of our diamonds are grown out in California. Since we use solar to power our reactors, our products are totally sustainable and renewable. We also mark all of our diamonds to ensure that they’re easily traceable. With us, there’s no ‘maybe’ ethical or ‘as ethical as possible.’

Whether you are buying a gift, something fancy for yourself, or the engagement ring that symbolizes life long love, you can be sure that you have made the responsible choice when buying a diamond from Diamond Foundry.