"Few industries in the world have a larger environmental and social footprint than mining." (Former CEO, Tiffany & Co) >>

Even the most "sustainable" mining site must unearth up to 250 tons of earth for a single carat of diamond.

Just recently De Beers killed 18,403 fish by draining an entire lake to access diamonds in a Canadian diamond mine. The Diamond Producers Association then produced a lengthy paid spread in the NYTimes featuring Canada as the gold standard in modern diamond mining, including photos of an attractive 32-year-old female overlooking Arctic landscapes.

The true environmental footprint of underground versus aboveground production of diamonds is now known:

How About Aboveground Diamonds?

It depends. Aboveground diamonds can be produced in India with inefficient technology and coal-fired power -- and thus may well have a larger carbon footprint than a mined diamond. 

At Diamond Foundry, we are going all the way on carbon footprint: we reduced it to zero by using renewable energy. We produce the world’s first and only carbon neutral diamonds.