Conflict diamonds are those that contribute to the funding of war and terror, and exploit workers, children, and communities. As the press introduced terminologies such as “blood diamond” and “conflict diamond” mounting public concern focused on the violence and hardship backing the mining industry. TIME magazine's  had a cover story that highlighted that after 15 years of “process work”, the diamond industry is still tainted by war, human rights abuses, and child labor. As people became more aware of the tragedies occurring in diamond mines, governments acted in an attempt to control the situation.  

In 2000, The Kimberley Process was introduced with the sole purpose  stopping the trade of conflict diamonds and ensuring purchases did not support rebel militias.  The unfortunate reality is the Kimberley Process Scheme narrowly defines "conflict" diamonds as rebel conflict; it does not guard against any other form of abuse and violence. There is wide recognition that it is full of loopholes, even by the NGO's that created it. 

In December of 2017, the prominent NGO IMPACT quit the Kimberley system, following another NGO who left just earlier.

There is truly only one solution available to conscious consumers today: Aboveground diamonds created in sustainable foundries.