We are thrilled to announce the addition of twenty-nine new diamond shapes to our current selection of offerings. With the most extensive variety of cuts, our diamonds are available online and directly to customers on DiamondFoundry.com. By applying the most exceptional level of quality and craftsmanship, our latest signature shapes are cut to perfect proportions by our in-house master cutters and polishers evoking enhanced beauty and brilliance. 

Amongst the new cuts, there is the beautiful Keystone with clean lines and oversized proportions borrowed from a tapered baguette. Another truly unique new shape available in the new selection is the Sheild which perfectly embodies the physical properties that diamonds hold; strength, luster, durability, and light. Evolved from the Round Brilliant, the Regulus cut also features a total of 105 facets compared to the traditional 57 resulting in a stunning round that beams with fire.



Attributed primarily to the large number of intermediaries involved in the diamond industry, from the rough stone to the cut and polished diamond available to consumers, the majority of industry players cannot assume the risk of offering a variety of novelty cuts. As the diamond mines and subsequently the supply of rough diamonds are largely controlled and monopolized by big industry players, there is a higher cost to be absorbed by jewelers to offer more unique shapes. Although there has been a rise in the generation of new cuts, there is still a scarcity of high-quality, innovative diamond shapes in the market. By leveraging on vertical integration and innovation in our manufacturing process, we are striving to offer more diamond cut options, without imposing steep markups on the consumers. 


Opening our diamond polishing potential to cut rare and unique shapes, available through Diamond Foundry and our designer partners, allows for the most customizable jewelry for any occasion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and our aim is to create and offer as many beautiful and diverse shapes as possible, breaking the mold of diamond buying, where shape choices are limited. 

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