We create real, unique and world-positive diamonds in our foundry from the same elements as those in the earth.  We carefully plan their individual cuts in our studios and then cut and polish them in our workshops.  Our diamonds are available online, through our retail partners or you can design a bespoke ring to your exact design.  

STEP 1: Creating Rough Diamond From Pure Atoms

Protecting the natural world that inspires our jewelry lies at the heart of our company. “There is no human activity with a larger environmental & social footprint than mining” -- words well said by Tiffany & Co’s former CEO. Many recognize the same. Our actions differ.

We have found that the only way to be truthful to our mission is to challenge the status quo; there is no relativity in ethics.  

The advent of aboveground diamonds means it is finally possible to own diamonds and be one-hundred percent certain of their origin. These diamonds offer an honest new choice: no questionable origin, no environmental and social exploitation, no convoluted supply chain of middlemen.

Produced atom by atom in our carbon-neutral foundry in the United States, they are 100% real diamond down from atoms as old as the universe.  We hot-forge our diamonds from billion-year-old elements using solar technology developed over many years of groundbreaking research and development.

Our foundry in America’s Pacific West represents the best of American ingenuity.

Once a rough diamond is deemed worthy, it takes shape in the hands of a diamond expert in our diamond cutting studio.  

STEP 2: Making the Cut

The quality of the cut is the most critical factor in attaining the much desired brilliance of a diamond. Attaining a diamond cut that meets our quality standards requires extensive expertise, discipline, and precision. No robot or machine can do what our craftsmen achieve in diamond polishing.

We cut each diamond to perfect proportions to maximize brilliance. This requires as much as 74% of the rough diamond to be cut away. Fewer than 1% of all diamonds in the market meet this high of a quality level.

Our master cutters are legends in the diamond industry.  Hailing from fourth generation diamond families in Antwerp, Belgium, they have decades of experience in cutting the world’s most precious stones for the most esteemed luxury houses.  One of our master cutters invented the Princess cut, one of the world’s most popular diamond cuts.

Our cutters are more than craftsmen, they are truly artists. From melee to solitaires, our diamonds are cut to maximize brilliance, scintillation, and fire.

Following a unique geometric plan, the diamond’s natural splendor is revealed.


STEP 3: Polishing

Once a diamond’s specific geometric plan is determined, it makes its way to an expert polisher at one of our state-of-the-art studios. Polishing is an art and we honor the true craftsmanship that it requires. We employ a polishing wheel sprinkled with diamond crystals to perfect the diamond’s surface.

Polishing takes utmost precision and attention to detail.  If any of the measurements are off by even a fraction of a millimeter, the diamond is sent back to be recut and polished until it has reached its specification of excellence.

Our polishing studios provide training programs and jobs in local communities. We proudly hire local artisans, investing in the craft and management skills of the workers and the economic potential of the regions in which we operate. Our polishers are integral members of the Diamond Foundry family, with many of them having been with us from the very beginning.  

“From across a crowded room, you can see a diamond from Diamond Foundry, no matter what size it is. Foundry diamonds have a brilliant scintillation and sparkle like no other.”—SERIN KELLEY, GIA GEMOLOGIST

STEP 4: Grading

Next stop on a diamond’s journey: Grading by a GIA gemologist followed by an independent verification by GCAL laboratories.  

We treat every diamond like the work of art it is.


STEP 5: Create a Ring from Scratch...

Using our 3D Design Studio, you can craft your own bespoke diamond ring from scratch.  We have the elements -- carbon, electrons, gold and platinum.  We do the hard part -- make the diamond from carbon and electrons, cast gold and finish your ring to your exact specifications by skilled jewelry craftsmen.

You just need to design your one-of-a-kind bespoke ring and get that special person to say  “YES!”

This truly groundbreaking experience differs drastically from other jewelers, as the industry typically has fabricated stock rings which are then “hand set” in America and resized to fit. Even luxury retailers offer rings that are built with stock materials shipped from their mass-made inventory, later offering to resize it.  At Diamond Foundry, our rings are made to fit the specified finger size and exact proportions of your diamond––no resizing is required or necessary.

GIA Gemologist Graded & Warranted
Once it makes our grade, each Diamond Foundry solitaire is given a proprietary serial number, inscribed by a laser yet invisible to the naked eye. This singular inscription allows it to be traced back to its Diamond Foundry Certificate, which is backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty. Other diamond reports, including those from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), do not contain such guarantees, and even carry disclaimers. Diamond Foundry holds itself accountable for the accuracy of its diamond grades for life, ensuring that a Diamond Foundry engagement ring remains as special as when the promise was made.