Here’s the thing about lab created diamonds: when single-crystal is grown atom by atom, over time, the crystal usually ends up with polycrystalline material on its edges like this:

lab created diamonds

These edge defects also tend to encroach into the growth area, which limits the height possible for the growth of a single crystal of diamond. In plain speech, the gunky edges translate to smaller lab grown diamonds. 

To our great surprise, the Diamond Foundry team recently discovered that, as our single-crystal seeds grow in thickness, it also grows outwards as single crystal (at an approximately 45-degree angle), with no edge defects. There’s no other group anywhere that has ever managed to do that. This video shows an example of this — of a 7x7x.3mm seed plate growing into a 10x10x2mm plate of single-crystal diamond.

This means that we are now in a position to grow single crystal diamond effectively of any size, and we can make the first single-crystal diamond wafer!