Truth In Diamonds

Are Diamonds a Good Investment? Will They Hold Value?

De Beers kills 18,403 fish for Canadian diamonds, locks pristine beaches

Do Diamonds Really Take Billions of Years To Form?

What is The Environmental Impact of Mined vs Aboveground Diamonds?

Surprise: It Takes More Energy to Extract an Underground Diamond from Earth Than Cultivating One Above the Ground

What is the Difference Between Lab and Mined Diamonds? None According To Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Africa’s “Conflict Free Diamonds”: Mined in Blood and Sweat

Putin's Diamonds: 40% of What U.S. Retailers Sell

TIME: 15 Years On, Diamond Industry “Still Tainted By War, Human-Rights Abuses, and Child Labor”

Tiffany & Co CEO: Mining Has Huge Environmental Footprint

Can the Origin of a Diamond be Traced?

Truth in Diamonds Review for Tiffany & Co

Does Mining Help Local Communities?

What is the Kimberley process?

Lab Grown Diamond is Best for Millennials

Why Values Matter With Sustainable Diamonds

What is ‘Natural’ When It Comes to Lab Grown Diamonds?

De Beers Refuses to Offer Clarity in Supply Chain

Truly Conflict Free Diamonds

Scientific American: Surrounded by Diamonds, Villagers Go Hungry in Drought-Hit Zimbabwe

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