The oval shape diamond is the elongated version of the round brilliant. Cut in a similar manner as round brilliant, this fancy shape offers the same level of fire and brilliance. With its slender outline, not only does it make the finger it rests upon looking slimmer and longer, but it also makes the stone appear larger than its actual carat weight. In the last decade, oval shape diamonds have been gaining popularity with an influx of celebrity engagement rings featuring this shape. The oval is a great choice for people who are looking for a slight twist on a timeless classic.

Check out the celebrities who proposed with an oval engagement ring:


Black Lively and Ryan Reynold Oval Cut Engagement Ring


Recently, we have seen innovative jewelers setting ovals in an East-West orientation on the finger. The results are very attractive and fashion forward. Much like radiant and cushion cuts, there is some debate over the best length to width ratio. The most common range is between 1:1.3 to 1:1.5  Anything thinner than that starts to look stretched and runs the risk of developing a bow-tie shaped shadow across the middle of the stone.

Customize your engagement ring with our oval diamonds.


Whether nestled on a simple solitaire setting or surrounded by a row of halo, the elongating oval diamond shape is a romantic and feminine option, with a vintage overtone that offers maximized carat weight. Add any of our oval diamonds to the engagement setting of your choice for a truly one-of-a-kind ring.