The faceting pattern on an emerald cut was originally developed to highlight and enhance the deep green of emeralds. When the same pattern is applied to diamonds, the reflections within the stone produce a hall of mirrors effect that recedes into the heart of the stone.

Check out some of the most famous emerald cut engagement rings:

Amal Clooney and George Clooney Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald cuts are not nearly as brilliant as radiants (which is why the Asscher brothers sought to improve the cut) but they make up for it in luster which gives them a cool elegance. Due to their large window-like tables and unforgiving reflections, inclusions will be clearly visible within emerald cuts. As a result, an only material with very high clarity is cut into an emerald shape.

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Most people prefer a ratio of around 1:1.5. Anything below a 1.3 and the shape starts to look like a badly proportioned square. If you are interested in a square diamond but would like a bit more punch, take a look at the Asscher.

The sharp edges of the emerald cut make for a modern and sophisticated ring. Enter our Design Studio to customize your ring with the emerald diamond of your choice.