Cushion refers to a diamond with either square or rectangular proportions, rounded corners, and brilliant cut crown. The pavilion of a cushion can be faceted into any number of configurations. There is much more variation in faceting patterns for cushions than there is for round brilliant diamond. Each faceting arrangement produces a slightly different effect when viewed from the top. Ultimately the value of each style is a matter of taste.

Check out some of the most famous celebrity cushion cut engagement rings:


John Legend and Chrissy Teigen cushion cut engagement ringChrissy Teigen Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

The cushion cut is descended from an antique style of the cut called an Old Mine Cut. Today’s cushion cut is a very pleasing blend of an antique, romantic shape, but with modern light performance.

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Cushions look great with square proportions, and great as a rectangle as well. Many people feel that the ideal length to width ratio is somewhere between 1:1.15 to around 1:1.20. If the rectangle’s proportions are too extreme the diamond can look stretched. If they are too close to square, but not exactly square the diamond can look misshapen. 

The soft edges of the cushion cut make for a unique and yet romantic engagement ring, whether on top of a solitaire setting or paved by a row of diamonds for added sparkle. Browse our engagement collections and add any of our cushion cut diamonds to your favorite setting for a truly one-of-a-kind ring.