Diamond Foundry features bespoke pieces of fine jewelry from master artisans and designers from around the world.

We celebrate artists and promote new and innovative design while seizing the opportunity to preserve tried-and-true art forms that are disappearing from the industry. We craft zero carbon footprint diamonds. Our master artisans and designers are committed to practices of ethical metalsmiths and sustainable jewelry. So that future generations can witness the spectacular natural beauty we find so inspiring.

Our Beliefs

  • The preservation of artisanal craftsmanship is important.
  • Customers deserve unbiased guidance and a real conversation to go along with it.
  • Technology can be a tool in reshaping a destructive and limited industry.
  • If we provide designers, scientists and consumers the opportunity to be creative together, they will create more amazing things than any single company could have have imagined.
  • Those looking to purchase a diamond deserve something better than the status quo.
  • We do not have to choose between the enjoyment of diamonds and protecting the environment.
  • People love rocks and metal and they purchase them because they represent something special.
  • All these elements can come together to create something greater than the sum of their parts.

Our Actions

We uncover and empower craftsmen, designers and tastemakers within the jewelry industry to work directly with our clients.

We use solar energy to create diamonds in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, and are committed to leading the diamond industry with a zero carbon footprint production facility, achieved through 100% renewable power and greenhouse gas sequestration. That’s right, zero.

We give the consumer unprecedented control over every aspect of their jewelry, and the vital support and expertise they need throughout the process.  We do this because we believe in their ability to create, collaborate, inspire and participate.

We donate a percentage of our profits to organizations that support community development in mining regions throughout the world.