We are pleased to announce that our San Francisco foundry has achieved the capacity of producing 100,000 jewelry grade carats of diamond per year.

Our new SF foundry is building America's largest above-ground diamond production.  Relative to diamonds extracted underground in Africa and Russia, which operate at an industrial scale unlike any other human activity, it is certainly still a boutique operation -- making ours the rarest of all gem quality diamonds. 

An incredible amount of American craftsmanship went into designing our foundry and its reactors.  Our foundry consists of batches of plasma reactors that cultivate diamond at very high temperature.  Our plasma reactors are tools we built ourselves according to a proprietary design we developed in-house over the past five years.  They are capable of handling much higher density of plasma than previous technologies, yielding higher quality diamond.  

Our production features the latest of our energy efficient proprietary plasma reactor technology -- and has been certified 100% carbon neutral.

Above-ground diamonds are atomically identical to underground diamonds.  Only their origin is different: They are cultivated in America rather than extracted underground in Africa or Russia. 

In connection to its expansion, Diamond Foundry today also confirms having received additional funding from sovereign funds of China and the Middle East.