We are excited about today’s launch of VOW: engagement rings for the modern world. This is the first product of Diamond Foundry teaming up with Vrai & Oro’s founder Vanessa Stofenmacher (recently named a Forbes 30 under 30 winner) and her really talented team.

At Diamond Foundry, we set out to reinvent diamond jewelry from mine to finger — and the launch of VOW today marks the completion of this entire cycle. We create diamonds from pure atoms in San Francisco; and sell them direct to consumers with rings we design & make in Los Angeles.

Just like ice from a freezer is the same as ice from a frozen lake, our diamonds are as real as diamonds dug out of the Earth. The only difference is origin — and the reassurance that no questionable practices were involved.

Our diamonds are each unique — no two are alike — and quite rare actually. (Ours are rare because scaling our technology is 1,000 times more expensive than scaling mining!)

As much as the technology is changing in the industry, so are the buyers and business models, and that’s why we are excited about teaming up with Vanessa and her team.

It is impressive what momentum Vanessa and her team have been able to build with Vrai & Oro’s simple daily-wear jewelry. What excited us even more about teaming up is that they’ve had a great idea of a new kind of an offering around engagement. And what could be better than an engagement offering designed by a group of really talented millennial women themselves (as opposed to corporate executives at large jewelry companies targeting what they believe to be millennial women).

VOW is really a complete reinvention of the whole process around engagement. It starts with refreshed, simpler designs of the rings and a conscious choice of a fully transparent source of diamonds. Then it removes the barrier between store and home by allowing couples to try rings at home for free and together take their time to get comfortable with a choice and then order it. It’s part of moving engagement from a highly stressful experience towards a more collaborative and satisfying process.

We are looking forward to your feedback!