I had an ex whose mom was obsessed with the effects of oxygenized water, or “Ozone water.” She drank it every morning, used it to wash her vegetables. She professed its credibility for total health and alertness for as long as I knew her. It turns out, she was right. Ozone in water kills bacteria and disinfects without harmful chemicals. 

Diamond and Ozone

Boron doped lab grown diamond has been used by Electrolytic Ozone, Inc. in its Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPT™) to create Ozone. Since lab grown diamond is already an environmentally friendly alternative to mined, and since ozone leaves no dangerous residue, the combination makes the best eco disinfectant available. 

“The EOI SB100 sanitizing spray bottle turns common drinking water into dissolved ozone, a chemical-free sanitizer as powerful as many chemicals but without dangerous chemical fumes or residue. The environmentally friendly, truly ‘green’ solution sanitizes and disinfects to protect against many common pathogens on surfaces. And it’s effective against organic odors.” – Electrolytic Ozone, Inc.

Ozone is a very strong oxidant and virucide. The mechanisms of disinfection using ozone include:

  • Direct oxidation/destruction of the cell wall with leakage of cellular constituents outside of the cell
  • Reactions with radical by-products of ozone decomposition
  • Damage to the constituents of the nucleic acids (purines and pyrimidines)

According to an article in the Journal of New Materials for Electrochemical Systems:

  • Highly boron-doped diamond electrodes have several superior properties including low capacitance and extreme electrochemical stability.
  • Ozone is superior to chlorine in that it does not generate harmful residues and is six times stronger than chlorine in terms of oxidizing power
  • Other electrode materials are not suitable because they degrade and lose the ability to generate ozone

Basically, lab grown diamond can create ozone, which disinfects better than chlorine. It’s eco friendly and health friendly. I’m sorry I ever doubted you, mother of my ex!