Jenni Avins at Quartz continues her in-depth coverage of the diamond industry with an article about “how to propose with an engagement diamond as rock-solid as your ethical values.”

Jenni herself has quite an East Coast fashion journalism pedigree. Her bio reads like a who is who in high-end style:

Jenni Avins is the lifestyle reporter at Quartz. Most recently, she covered fashion, food, travel, and pop culture as a freelancer for The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Vice, Harper’s Bazaar, Gourmet, Saveur, and She was also contributing editor to New York Magazine’s fashion site, the Cut.

When she started her inquiry with us, there was clearly no obvious answer to her in her mind. This was a new choice. She quizzed us hours and hours, visited us on-site, and investigated the cultural backdrop of diamonds and engagements super thoroughly. She gathered the views from various traders and retailers of mined diamonds and digested their perspective. At times it started feeling more than a journalistic inquiry: a question she really cared to clear up for herself personally too.

At the end of the day, this is what she concluded:

I quite like the idea of collaborating […] on a foundry diamond with an old-fashioned cut, made in California, just for me. Really, it’s all about the diamond dream you can believe in.

Thank you, Jenni — we are psych’ed.

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