Diamond Foundry Inc. today announced that industry legend Israel Itzkowitz has joined the company as Master Cutter.

“A diamond is a diamond is a diamond,” commented Israel Itzkowitz after inspecting diamond created at Diamond Foundry. “I am impressed with the quality of the diamond gemstones made at Diamond Foundry. This is the future of the industry.”

We are pleased to welcome the inventor of the diamond Princess cut to our company his experience and love for diamonds will help build the leading diamond company in the world.

Israel “Izzy” Itzkowitz started cutting diamonds at the age of 13 when family tragedy hit.  In 1979, he invented the Princess cut, the first to use a brilliant faceting arrangement on a square diamond. The Princess cut has now become the most popular cut after round brilliant.

Over the years, Itzkowitz developed iconic private label designs for De Beers, Tiffany & Co, and Graff. In particular, Itzkowitz developed the “invisible set” in 1988, which is a delicately-crafted continuous setting with no spaces or prongs. In 1991, Itzkowitz won the Platinum Guild award for Design. In 2008, Itzkowitz perfected a cut that would capture all the parameters of brilliancy, dispersion and scintillation while offering today’s retailers an exclusive cut for their most distinctive consumers – the Asscher Cut Princess.