We’re thrilled that A-listers like Emma Watson are attending the Oscars wearing Diamond Foundry diamonds, but we’re even more excited that such appearances are launching a larger conversation about the jewels celebs wear to award ceremonies, with headlines including, “Look At The Bling.” 

Her Oscar-night diamond bracelet rests just below her temporary #TimesUp tattoo, and while there’s been plenty of discussion about the grammar, the intention is all the same: It’s time to speak the truth and to stand for what’s right.

In the article, author Kate Burton calls out such truth about lab-made diamonds: That they are identical in chemical composition to those dug out of the earth. She also dispels the myth that underground diamonds are rare; they’re even used in industrial drills. It’s worth noting that fewer than 0.01% of the world's diamonds are from our foundry. That’s rarity, sustainability, and transparency combinedsomething simply not possible with mined diamonds.

Burton also brings up the diamond industry’s retaliation on lab-made diamonds and supports the questioning of their practices and price points. She remarks that since De Beers’ marketing campaign, “Diamonds are forever,” launched in the 1930s, that we’ve neglected to question why one should specifically spend “three months salary,” versus what comes from your heart.

Burton agrees that the differentiation—being stuck in the ground for millions of years—doesn’t add value or romance to a diamond (eh-hmm, industrial drills, remember?). With celebs like Emma aligning with the DF mission, we continue to share the truth about where diamonds come from and evolve the industry into one of conflict-free sustainability.

Mined diamond purveyors would argue that efforts such as the Kimberley Process Scheme have been put in place to prevent the flow of conflict diamonds, but smuggling is still rampant, and a mined diamond's origin is never certain.

So when will it be Time’s Up for the human and environmental toll on mined diamonds?

We are proud her message is beautifully accompanied by her choice of a tennis bracelet by Vrai & Oro with our aboveground diamonds. Thank you, Emma!

On principle, Diamond Foundry does not pay celebrities to wear our diamonds or jewelry.  We are delighted that Emma has chosen our diamond jewelry from her heart.


Read Kate Burton’s consideration in the full article at HuffPo.