We are excited to celebrate the arrival of our latest collection: DF X Alessa. Diamond Foundry along with Alessa Designs, teamed up to create a breathtakingly unique collection of engagement rings that embody the brilliance of Diamond Foundry diamonds with the sheer luxury of Alessa Designs. The collection consists of eight exquisite engagement rings, each with their own individual story to tell


Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, DF X Alessa uses elements of light, color, and geometry to tell the story of new beginnings, new partnerships, and a new journey. Each of the collection’s ethereal engagement rings possesses the name of a Greek goddess, with characteristics that align with each of their divine powers.  

Each piece illuminates a unique ray of color to represent its own individual path to the rainbow, the element that joins the heavens to the earth, highlighting the commencement of a new beginning, and inviting you to begin yours. From Venus, the goddess of love to Viola, the goddess of luck- and every deity in between- there is no better way to signify eternal love.  


DF X Alessa is a match made in heaven, just like that of your own. Say yes to forever with rings that are as perpetual and everlasting as your love. Browse the full DF X Alessa collection online. 


In 2009, partners Alessandra Robles and Yuvraj Pahuja founded Alessa Designs, creating a stepping-stone for their constant creative outlet in the fine jewel business. Ever since, the company has concentrated its efforts to cultivate the art of jewelry design, handling exceptional gemstones from around the world carefully and meticulously selected.