Garrison Bespoke, best known for creating the bulletproof suit and dressing the cast of Suits, revealed their latest project — a 235 handset diamond sports jacket for Drake.


The truly one-of-a-kind sports jacket with a $550,000 USD price tag is made from 100-year-old archival deadstock jersey cloth from the house of Dormeiul’s private collection and adorned with 235 handset sustainable, lab-grown Diamond Foundry diamonds. Custom settings were created for each individual diamond so that they could be perfectly-pieced together to form the iconic OVO owl. The jacket’s custom liner is the signature black and gold OVO Raptors jersey Drake personally had a hand in designing.


Each season since 2015, when Drake became the Raptors’ Global Ambassador, Garrison Bespoke has presented a custom piece to the Canadian rapper. This season’s one-of-one sports jacket was one year and six months in development and took three months to create. To make this fifth iteration special and to gratify Drake’s well-documented love of diamonds, Garrison Bespoke sourced sustainably-made diamonds from the world’s only certified carbon neutral diamond company, Diamond Foundry.

“It’s a real honour to create a piece for Drake to celebrate a successful year as the Raptors’ Global Ambassador,” said Michael Nguyen, owner of Garrison Bespoke. “This year, we created a really special jacket that marries old world craft and new world innovation by sourcing the best ethically made diamonds in the world, and hand setting them in a bespoke piece made from nearly 100-year-old deadstock cloth from heritage brand house of Dormeiul’s archive collection.”


“It has been great to work with Garrison on this special piece for Drake, sustainability has always been important to Canadians and this partnership has been synergetic with our sustainable business values,” said Mona Sadat Akhavi, VP of Marketing, Diamond Foundry.

The Garrison Bespoke sports jacket was presented to Drake by the Raptors at the Scotiabank Area before tip-off on Tuesday, May 21. Photos of the production and final jacket can be viewed here.

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