Diamond can form in Earth in a matter of hours - much faster than it takes for them to grow in a foundry.

For the most part, diamonds are then stuck in the ground for a long time until they are extracted. Diamond crystals can lie in the earth for a long time as does the most common of igneous rock.

All atoms on Earth are billions of years old. The water in the oceans is billions of years old. The atoms of our aboveground diamonds are billions of years old.

Diamond producers have long touted a “billions of years” in their marketing. The suggested implication is that this makes them scarce and valuable. But this does not make sense of course.

How about Aboveground Diamonds?

Aboveground diamonds take billions of atoms to assemble quite magically just perfectly under the extreme temperature of a “sun on Earth” into the one and only arrangement that defines diamond.

Diamonds are unrivaled in their powerful symbolism. For pivotal moments in life, it is truth that matters -- and being thoughtful.