Over half of US consumers are aware of aboveground diamonds, and nearly 70% choose them over mined diamonds, for their engagement rings. Atomically identical to diamonds extracted from beneath the Earth, with the same level of fire, brilliance, and scintillation, the demand for man-made diamonds has seen a significant rise in the past year and is expected to grow even further.

However, not all lab-made diamonds are created equally. Celebrated as a symbol of love and purity, the savvy shoppers of today are seeking diamonds that are high-quality, with full transparency on their provenance and grading specifications. Our cutting-edge technology, developed over years of groundbreaking research and development, allows us to recreate how diamonds form below the surface of the earth in our labs, and we have been able to cultivate larger diamonds, 5 carats and above, of H+ colors and VS+ clarity. Each Diamond Foundry diamond is unique and cut to perfect proportions maximizing its brilliance and fire to reveal a superior diamond.

Nearly 60% of consumers want certified lab-grown diamonds, especially when it comes to larger stones, as identified by MVI Marketing's recent study. A testimony for the parity of consumer perception of lab-grown and mined diamonds, it’s important for shoppers that such a significant purchase is accompanied by a grading certificate. With transparency at the core of Diamond Foundry, a unique code lies at the heart of every diamond that we grow, which certifies our gemstones binding it to a third-party in-depth laboratory analysis. Skillful gemologists assess, analyze and appraise our diamonds to guarantee their quality and offer assurance for our customers.

As concluded by IGDA’s latest survey, When consumers were presented with mined and aboveground diamond options, of the same carat weight and level of quality, 70% of them opted for the man-made alternative, due to their relatively lower prices. Driven by our lean and vertically-integrated supply chain, we offer our unique certified large diamonds at direct pricing skipping the intermediary markups to offer consumers high-quality gemstones, with impeccable provenance and zero carbon footprint.

At Diamond Foundry, we choose a more sustainable future for our planet and humanity. As a result, what our customers hold in their hands, is a truly unique opulent diamond, sophisticatedly grown in a state-of-the-art lab, with a birth certificate to make them proud of the responsible choice they made.