For the past 27 years, EMA (Environmental Media Association) has honored the most influential environmental champions in the entertainment industry to authentically share the message and tell the story of sustaining our natural resources. EMA honors and showcases individuals who are consistently advocating for the future of our planet to move towards a greener economy.  

At Diamond Foundry, we embrace sustainability and transparency in every aspect of our company and culture, and we are committed to making an impact in how the diamond industry operates. With aligned objectives and visions, we have partnered with EMA to unite our voices and raise more awareness on the topic of environmental responsibility for a more positive future for our planet.

On saturday, June 9, 2018, at the EMA Honors Benefit Gala in Los Angeles, hundreds of environmental advocates were gathered to celebrate those who are dedicated to the mission of promoting sustainable development. This year, amongst the EMA honorees, the award-winning American actress, writer, and political activist, Jane Fonda, was presented with the Female EMA Lifetime Achievement Awards. Jane Fonda has worked throughout her career to vocalize environmental issues, and it was time for her to be celebrated for her tireless efforts protecting the planet.

“We are so thrilled to be able to honor our long-time friend and EMA champion, the iconic, Jane Fonda with the Female EMA Lifetime Achievement Award. There is no voice stronger, more respected and more authentic than Jane’s regarding the rights of our global citizens to protect our natural resources and all of Earth’s inhabitants with a safe environment,” says Environmental Media Association president and CEO Debbie Levin in a statement on People’s Magazine.

The actress, Elizabeth Olsen was also among the environmental champions honored at the EMA gala for her work with The Latitude Project which has led to the installation of clean water filters in 74 homes after Hurricane Nate with the organization.

“Elizabeth Olsen is an incredible role model for our millennial generation. She is that curious, passionate, boots on the ground “real life heroine” that we need so badly to speak out and be heard. Beginning her path as a serious force in the environmental world, she is our perfect choice for the EMA Futures Award,” adds Levin.

We were also thrilled to see the EMA CEO, Debbie Levin, styling a pair of Diamond Foundry Mixed Diamond Drop Earrings at the Honors Benefit Gala. Among celebrity attendees wearing our conflict-free aboveground diamonds, Tammin Sursok, the South American actress, recognizable for her work on Pretty Little Liars, accessorized with the Diamond Foundry Round Brilliant Necklace and Earrings. Actress and environmental activist, Perrey Reeves was also sporting the Diamond Foundry Double Mix Diamond Cuff Earrings and Baguette Tennis Bracelet. 

We are very proud to support and share the truth alongside organizations such as the EMA and are very thrilled to see environmentally-conscious celebrities and influencers embracing our vision for a conflict-free future!