All of the pieces found in the Diamond Foundry Designer Collective are handmade to order from our collective of independent jewelry designers. If you find something that inspires you and want to give it a personal touch to make it undeniably yours, simply let us know and our jewelry expert will connect you directly with a designer and you can collaborate on your own custom designed ring. Our independent designers love working one on one with people who are looking for a custom piece. You will be surprised to find that the cost for a custom piece is typically the same.

You shouldn’t just have to accept what the jewelry industry hands you. Dream big!

What we believe

  • If we provide designers, scientists and consumers the opportunity to be creative together, they will create more inspired designs than any single company could have imagined alone.
  • Artisanal craftsmanship can go hand in hand with the advancement of technology.
  • Consumers deserve something better than the status quo.

Featured Independent Jewelry Designers

Amanda Knox Sather and Sara Shaughnessy of RedStart Design focus primarily on custom work. Whether its handcrafting a ring around stones found on a hike or just a few alternations to a current design, they thrive on creating something truly personal. 

“We want them to see themselves in the ring,” says Sather. “We don’t mind that if after they get the ring, they don’t think of Redstart again. We would rather that they see themselves reflected in the design.”