Hyla Bauer writes on Bloomberg about how players like Diamond Foundry are shaking up the centuries-old diamond industry by creating lab-grown diamonds that are physically, chemically and optically identical to their mined counterparts.

Hyla mentioned: "The trend (lab-grown diamonds) has gained enough steam that celebrities are hopping on board. DiCaprio—who starred in the 2006 film Blood Diamond and in turn drew attention to the issue of gem mines financing warlords—made headlines in 2015 by investing in Diamond Foundry Inc., a San Francisco manufacturer. It’s among a growing group of producers trying to compete on a higher level by making premium-­looking jewelry using the diamonds. A four-stone cuff ring from its DF Atelier line is priced at $4,506. Collaborations with Jennifer Fisher, Pamela Love, Eva Fehren, and other designers to produce ­fine jewelry have raised the brand’s profile."

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