We were happy to host CNBC at our foundry to discuss how our veteran solar-energy team set its sights on the diamond industry.  Video and transcript of the interview with two co-founders below.


Link to Video: http://cnb.cx/1OwXZBp

Martin:  We are Diamond Foundry, and we make diamonds like nobody else. We culture them, creating jewelry grade diamond gems. Our team’s background is in solar power innovation, and we were looking for something new. The diamond industry occurred to us as a very traditional industry characterized by human rights abuses, child labor, all the really terrible things. And no one seemed to really, seriously, try to make a change in the industry.  We started looking at how to make diamonds, and then people from all around the world starting knocking on our doors, saying “we want diamonds for jewelry gems.” So we switched gears and started making the kind of diamond that is the purest diamond for jewelry applications.


Jeremy:  We started Diamond Foundry three years ago, and we’ve only just recently made any announcement that we even exist. We’ve been through many generations of manufacturing technology to achieve the level of purity of our product that we have today. People have been growing diamond for fifty years, but growing the purest diamond is extremely difficult to achieve.


Martin:  Our process is based on putting a natural diamond into a plasma reactor. The plasma reactor contains effectively a “sun on earth” — it’s like the outer core of the sun — and under that extreme heat, we grow diamonds atom by atom on top of an earth-diamond substrate. The result of this is that our diamonds are atomically identical to mined diamond. No jewelry can tell any difference. Our product sells right now at somewhat higher level than mined-diamonds just because people appreciate the origin and it’s very limited edition right now. Our diamonds create a first class alternative to mined diamonds. And we’re finding a lot of people are interested in a product that is 100% ethical and has none of the issues associated with mined diamonds.