Whether it’s rock climbing, yoga or soccer, many women today lead active lifestyles that aren’t suited for long-term engagement ring maintenance. Even hobbies like pottery, woodworking and knitting can damage a band and endanger the diamond. (Like me, you might also be the type of person who slams into table corners and walls, jeopardizing any and all jewelry in a five-foot radius.) Handmade engagement rings have a reputation for being less sturdy, but they may be your best best when it comes to protecting the diamond and withstanding wear and tear. Take a look at these five spectacular and strong handmade engagement rings from the award-winning designers in the Diamond Foundry catalogue. They’re designed to withstand an active (or just clumsy) lifestyle.

Best Engagement Rings for Active Lifestyles - The Turino

The Turino

Prongs that elevate the diamond above the band are a big no-no for active ring wearers.  Prongs can bend under pressure,  exposing the stone and endangering the overall integrity of the ring. If you still want the stone to sit above the band, consider a setting that  encapsulates and protects the diamond, like in The Turino by Christine Guibara (limited edition, no longer available)

Best Engagement Rings for Active Lifestyles - The Five Diamond Sunset

The Five-Diamond Sunset

Who said a practical, sturdy ring can only have one diamond? The Five-Diamond Sunset by Redstart Design mounts multiple diamonds in a secure bezel setting. As the oldest method of mounting gemstones, the bezel setting is a vintage accent to this otherwise contemporary and stunning diamond ring. (limited edition, no longer available)

Best Engagement Rings for Active Lifestyles - Noe


Another Redstart design, Noe was created in every metal, but it’s particularly dazzling in platinum. The hardest precious metal choice, platinum is a great option for those who like a good romp without the stress of protecting a ring. Unlike gold variations, platinum is less likely to scratch and wear over time.
vintage diamond ring.(limited edition, no longer available)

Best Engagement Rings for Active Lifestyles - Brushed Oval

Brushed Oval

If you want a more delicate and vintage diamond ring, check out Brushed Oval from Sharon Zimmerman. Petite and dainty, this ring won’t get in the way of slamming a tennis racquet, reupholstering a couch or swinging an axe (because maybe you live in the woods).  (limited edition, no longer available)

 Best Engagement Rings for Active Lifestyles - Marquise


The striking Marquise by Claudia Endler is an abrupt alternative to the Brushed Oval. Set in bezel and cast in platinum, this ring will stand up against the elements. The beautiful Marquise cut diamond is perfect for the active woman who still wants the glamour and fire of a larger stone. (limited edition, no longer available)

Ultimately, women who lead active lifestyles should opt for platinum rings with bezel settings. If none of these handcrafted rings are to your taste, you can always buy a more elaborate ring to remove during rigorous activity. Just remember to put it back on again before you leave!