I don’t know what it is about California that draws such world-class jewelry designers. Is it the sun? The surf? The organic produce? Whatever the reason, California based engagement ring designers are crafting some of the most beautiful, eco-conscious, ethically sourced and unique rings in the industry. They’re reimaging old conventions with designs that boast artisanal flair alongside organic inspiration. To get the inside scoop on some of the best in the business, check out these four California designers who use Diamond Foundry diamonds.

Christine Guibara

Inspired by a lifetime of watching her sculptor father and designer mother, Christine Guibara believes that “the most breathtaking forms develop from nature.” To cultivate her organic designs, Guibara uses exciting techniques like “watercast.” This method of metalworking involves pouring molten metal into water to capture a raw form as it solidifies. An eco-conscious technique, Guibara uses re-melted scraps as part of the process.

Jennifer Dawes Design

jennifer dawes studioDawes Design RingAs a board member for Ethical Metalsmiths, Jennifer Dawes is committed to using responsibly sourced materials in her handcrafted designs. Everything about Dawes’ process – from her studio, to the gems and metals she chooses, to the car she drives to work in – reflects her company’s commitment to the green jewelry movement. With delicate accents and organic flourishes, Dawes’ designs sit light on the hand and lighter on the conscious.


Committed to creating one-of-a-kind pieces, Sara Saughnessy and Amanda Knox Sather of Redstart think that every engagement ring begins with a story. Their broad design abilities evolved from years of custom work with wedding bands and diamond engagement rings, and they’ve become a favorite among couples looking for rings with personal touches and clean design features.   

Baxter Moerman

Matthew Moerman and Matthew Baxter are designer goldsmiths who draw inspiration for textures and shapes from organic forms like seedpods or an eroding mountain path. They’re proponents of heirloom quality jewelry, and craft rings to “be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime.” Moreover, as members of Ethical Metalsmiths, Baxter Moerman works with trusted suppliers to purchase the most beautiful and ethical materials available. 

As the industry continues to turn towards ethical sourcing and custom design, it’s likely that these independent jewelry designers (and designers like them) will reshape the art of jewelry making. To learn more about Christine Guibara, Jennifer Dawes, Redstart and Baxter Moerman, visit their websites and shop their jewelry featuring Diamond Foundry diamonds.